The United Arab Emirates (UAE) sits proudly between Europe, Africa and Asia, a thriving, contemporary and cosmopolitan country with an eye on the future. Throughout its history, as well as from its establishment as an independent sovereign state in 1971, the UAE has been known for consistently developing its infrastructure and remains focused on offering investors attractive benefits – both commercially and socially.

These benefits are underpinned by technological innovations and the vision of its leaders, primarily through the creation of versatile economic free zones. Since its inception, the UAE provides foreign investors with initiatives designed to foster their growth. For example, UAE Vision 2021 outlines the creation of an even more investor-friendly tax environment, while the country’s extensive double tax treaty (DTT) network further cements its stronghold as a business hub.

The country’s robust economic zones not only offer investors a broad range of commercial activities and infrastructure, but it also provides safety in its ability to adapt and withstand different external factors.


  • Population of 9.8 million, 8.45 million expats as per 2020
  • Language – Arabic, while English is widely spoken
  • Total exports of USD 315 billion in 2019
  • GDP of USD 375 billion in 2020
  • Seventh-largest oil reserves
  • In 2005, the UAE became one of the first major oil-producing countries
  • Second-largest economy in the Arab World
  • #1 in the Middle East for 2020 Ease of Business
  • #24/141 countries as per the WEF Global Competitive Report 2019